CSDCS presented the Bulgarian NGO sector at the 10th Annual Assembly of NGOs in the countries of the Eastern Partnership of the EU in Tbilisi, Georgia (10-12.12.2018)


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CSDCS was the only Bulgarian NGO invited to participate as a delegate to the 10th Annual Assembly of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF).

Out of total 569 applicants for the event, 165 organizations have been selected according to their importance and capacity to contribute to the EaP. CSDCS became member of the Working group on Environment, transport and energy.

Together with civil society partners from the region, the Annual Assembly addressed the question of how to further sustainable, democratic development and support European Union’s commitment to the Eastern Partnership policy initiative.

The participants learned more about campaigning and advocacy strategies, not only to maximize pressure but also to foster constructive engagement in their home countries and abroad. In light of 100th anniversary of independent Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine, the Annual Assembly furthermore explored how countries’ historical experience influences their future political trajectories.

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