The Youth Section of CSDCS Imlemented a Project Encouraging Youth Entrepreneurship Through Introduction of Traditions and Culture of the Gagauz Region

workshop annonceFrom September 7 to 12 in the Kavarna village of Balgarevo was held "Workshop for the future", a project that aimed to build a bridge between generations in small towns, introducing young people to the history and traditions of their homeland.

Workshops of various nature were held presenting the opportunities of small settlements as a suitable environment for the development and implementation of sustainable business practices based on the specifics of local culture.

The campaign presented to the local community the problems that depersonalize and depopulate small settlements, namely the loss of their identity and unique character.

30 young people, up to the age of 29, took part in the search for old photographs, the preparation of traditional Gagauz dishes and got to know the ancient crafts and legends through meetings with the older generation. In this way, the important role that every young person from a small town has in preserving the cultural identity and economic identity of their native places and beyond was shown. The collected recipes and interesting stories from the past are published on the official Facebook page of the project.

With its uniqueness, every settlement in Bulgaria can be an attractive center for both tourists and locals who want to preserve their ancestral memory and pass it on to future generations.

The project was implemented with the financial support of the National Youth Program and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.


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