about us

The Club “Sustainable Development of Civil Society” is an apolitical, non governmental and non profit organization founded in 1997 with the goal to unify the efforts of some fellow members of Bulgarian Universities and training organizations for promoting the environmental protection and introducing new sustainable approaches to educational and social activities in Bulgaria. Nowadays the members of this NGO are 30, most of them with background in economics, engineering and social sciences.

Our mission is to contribute to the democratization process by strengthening the social dialogue and assisting municipalities in their work on regional strategies and project development. We work for creating highly qualified professionals; organizing and holding professional qualification programs and further qualification programs for the unemployed; ensuring a wide and mutually beneficial cooperation between Bulgarian and foreign bodies and associations in order to exchange information and experience, to assist and implement activities related to the sustainable development of the civil society as a major guarantee of democracy.

CSDCS has been engaged in more than 30 projects mostly oriented to social, environmental and transport activities. The main fields of work are sustainable urban development, sustainable development of rural areas, mobility management and marketing, environmental preservation, trans-boarder cooperation, as well as project development and education related to EU-policies and projects’ development. It was the first organization in Bulgaria providing training on EU Project Management and has been trained more than 5000 representatives of the state and private sectors in the period 2005-2009.

CSDCS is invited by the government to be a representative organization of the Bulgarian CSO in the Commission on European Activities and EU-funding at the Parliament. It is also a member of several European networks dealing with HR, environment, transport and energy saving like FRA, EPOMM, DEF, ENFORSE, DCSF, etc.

The organization is the National Initiator of the establishment of EPOMM-network in Bulgaria, having already more than 100 members. It works in close cooperation with Bulgarian municipalities, scientific organizations, transport unions, chambers of commerce and energy agencies. Thanks to the efforts of CSDCS in the frames of the BENEFIT-project, the notion of “Mobility Management” has been introduced in Bulgaria and the first Mobility Center has been established in Sofia.