social equity annonceThe project is funded by OSI - Bulgaria

Taking out from common community activities of several categories of persons, like those with disabilities and ethnic groups, and put them at the “edge of the society” occurs at the apparition of many social problems or conflicts.

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youth in support of community annonceThe project is funded by OSI - East-East Programme.

Purpose proposed: Rising the awareness of the youth from Romania, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldavia concerning their role in solving the community problems.


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matra-knip annonceInitiative for biodiversity conservation in Yambol District

The project aims to raise the public awareness on natural wealth and biodiversity conservation in Yambol region. It will start with training on environmental protection, addressed to selected participants – representatives of the target group.


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phare annonceSustainable Development of Koprivstitza Region, funded by USA Democratic Network, 1997-98 Elaboration of sustainable strategy for regional development, women training.

The Role of the Municipalities in Poland and Bulgaria for the Regional Development and Environmental Protection (with Lodz University), funded by Soros Foundation - 1998 Training on strategic management.


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