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SEEMORE demonstrates how local efforts can change the way of access to the resort areas to become more environmentally friendly, safe and healthy for tourists and population.

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After the approval of the Local Strategy and Action Plan in November 2012, the project team started working on the planned information and marketing actions. By the end of February the design of the advertising materials, which will shape the integrated sustainable mobility information package for visitors, was prepared.

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The first LFW was held on 23rd of October 2012 in Albena resort – Flamingo Grand Hotel*****. The project manager Prof. Lucia Ilieva presented the project and the results of the survey on tourism and mobility for the season 2012 performed in the frames of SEEMORE.

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seemorw partnershipsLocal groups of experts are created, which work together with the project teams in order to elaborate mobility plans and corresponding mobility measures to be implemented in the tourism regions:

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