An interview with Lucia Ilieva, Chair of the Board of the Club “Sustainable Development of Civil Society”, was carried out in Darik Radio Ruse on 18 May, a day after the discussion on safe and environmentally friendly mobility in Druzhba neighborhood – an activity under the “CIVITAS ECCENTRIC - Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Mobility of People In peripheral urban neighborhoods and freight logistics with no emissions in urban centers".

During the interview, led by the editor-in-chief Ahmed Aliev, Ms. Ilieva presented the project's objectives and its impact on the life in the Ruse district. She addressed in details the need to improve urban transport and connections with other regions of the city, to provide better opportunities for safe mobility for all. Lucia Ilieva spoke about new measures for the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, mothers with children and disabled people.

You can hear the interview, broadcasted on Darik Radio Ruse on May 18, 2017 at 10 am here.