cfcu-tr 0703 01Project CFCU/TR0703.01-02/FA: FFV Marketing in the Hearth of Mediterranean

Kumluca produces 1/3 of the greenhouse production of Turkey and exports 22%. The municipality is situated in Antalya district and its project partners are some regional structures and the Mediterranean University in Antalya.

The overall  objectives of the project are: Surveying and comprehending the FFV marketing system in the European Union in comparison with the system in Turkey to increase compatibility of the existing system with the EU with information and dissemination attempts. As specific objectives the project aims:

  • To survey the FFV marketing system in Turkey and its main pitfalls;
  • To survey the FFV marketing system in the EU and its adaptability to Turkey in close cooperation with national and international experts;
  • To build an international network with the help of the partnering organisations with the aim of development of a training content for the agents involved in FFV marketing system;
  • To share information with partnering institutions by bilateral visits and contacts;
  • To hold a training program for producers and intermediaries of marketing system;
  • To disseminate the information with organisations and policy development mechanisms in Kumluca, in Antalya and in Turkey.

The target group is shaped by 100 FFV producers in Kumluca, 20 Commissioners and 30 retailers and wholesalers; Civil Society Representatives in Kumluca (e.g. Kumluca Union of Greenhouse Vegetable Producers, Association of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Commissioners); Partnering and Associating Organisations. The EU partner is CSDCS.


Municipality of Kumluca

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