Varna еxchanges experience on SUMP through the EU Programme “City-to-city cooperation on sustainable urban development”

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Over 250 representatives of local and regional governments from across the world met in Oct. 2018 in Brussels (Belgium) at the International Urban Cooperation (IUC) programme’s second annual City-to-City event. The conference gave delegates the chance to discuss ongoing sustainable urban development pilot projects with global partners. To date, over 60 pairings have been established between local governments through the IUC programme.

Сities from Europe and other global regions are paired together, jointly committing to design and implement pilot projects that enhance sustainable development at the local and regional levels. Chosen cities will be supported to share knowledge and best practices on sustainable urban solutions. This will be achieved partly through the development of local action plans, which will outline activities and pilot projects to achieve tangible results.
Varna will exchange experience in SUMP development with Santa Monica, California. The PROSPERITY project that initiated the development of Varna SUMP was presented by Prof. Ilieva (CSDCS) during the meeting of the new paired cities on 9th of Oct. 2018.

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