partnerships annonceCSDCS has been invited by the government to be a representative organization of the Bulgarian CSO in the Commission on European Activities and EU-funding at the Parliament. It is also a member of several European networks dealing with HR, environment, transport and energy saving like FRA, EPOMM, DEF, ENFORSE, DCSF, etc.





partnerships map

The organization is the National Initiator of the establishment of EPOMM-network in Bulgaria, having already more than 100 members. It works in close cooperation with Bulgarian municipalities, scientific organizations, transport unions, chambers of commerce and energy agencies. Thanks to the efforts of CSDCS in the frames of the BENEFIT-project, the notion of “Mobility Management” has been introduced in Bulgaria and the first Mobility Center has been established in Sofia.

CSDCS successfully cooperates with the Bulgarian network of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and with the Scientific and Technical Unions all over the country. Traditional partners are also the German-Bulgarian Trade and Commerce Chamber, The Balkan Craftsmen Chamber “Koblenz”, as well as many municipalities and district administrations.