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The Association of Danube Municipalities 'Danube' and the Club 'Sustainable Development of Civil Society' developed a Handbook for the implementation of an integrated policy for spatial development of the coastal territories of the Danube River. The project, funded under the Operational Program 'Good Governance' 2014-2020, aims for partnership management between citizens, businesses, and authorities, and open management of investments and projects. The main goal is the effective implementation of policies in 34 Danube municipalities in Bulgaria.

The Handbook focuses on the challenges and potential of the integrated spatial policy in the region for socio-economic development, growth, and employment. It includes innovative management models, interaction between various stakeholders, and selection of European best practices.

The purpose of the Handbook is to support partnership management and address the challenges in implementing the integrated spatial policy, including recommendations for municipalities, state structures, citizens, and businesses for carrying out projects and investments in the Danube municipalities.


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Handbook for the implementation of the integrated spatial development policy...




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